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Day Two in Medina

Day two has almost come to a close here in Medina, Texas. Our first day of work began with loading multiple kitchen appliances onto a trailer that were then taken to a dumping site. After carrying at least 10 or more million pound fridges out of a shed, to be loaded onto the trailer, (don’t worry we did not load Emme Fridge) my group and I were told that the fridges we had carried out were not to be dumped. They were the “good” fridges that were being saved for later use. Although hearing that news was frustrating and annoying, it was just one way that God showed me to be patient and flexible today. We hauled and loaded and carried and got buff and sweated until a large dent was put into the extreme mess of washers and fridges and stoves. Then it was on to lunch. At that point, I personally was starving, but fortunately one of the sweet ladies here at Medina, Mrs. Monica, had prepared yet another delicious meal for all of us. We had turkey and ham wraps with tons of yummy toppings and spinach dip. After about a hour and a half of food and rest, we headed back to continue loading more appliances, barbed wire, and other rando stuff. We finished clearing the smallish field just a couple hours before quitting time. We took another short break then went back to work, but this time we went up to the chapel where there are hundreds of cedar trees. Some of the trees had already been chopped down so all we had to do was haul them into the trailer and take them away. At five o’clock, we stopped working and I came back to the hospitality house and took a shower. Tonight was special because hoodmont (aka woodmont) got to split up into groups to eat dinner with the kids who live at Medina in their house/cottages. I was apart of a group that got to go to the Sanderson’s house. They warmly welcomed David, Kristen, Grant, Reid, Cale, and I into their home for a feast of spaghetti, salad, corn, and cheesecake brownies. It was wonderful! We hung out at the Sanderson’s for awhile and then decided to go see what was being throw down on the bball court. I played gotcha and a (maybe too competitive) basketball game with some ladies plus Rodney and Colby, who lives here in Medina.

At Medina there is a very tall hill. Its basically a mountain. Canaan, Claudia, and I decided to truck up it to see the fading sunset while everyone else was still juking people out on the court. The climb was not too bad although one of us did make it to the top with some battle scars that weren’t there at the beginning of the climb. Once we reached the top, we were able to catch a glimpse of the sunset. It was getting pretty dark by the time we decided to head back down but we braved the rocky trail, and I only fell once.

It is just the beginning of our trip and I have already begun to see God working in so many different ways. I have seen God in the servant hearts of woodmont YG. I saw Him in the sunset tonight. I saw Him in the little boy named Sam who can’t stop smiling even if he tried. I have seen God in Mrs. Monica who has made three large meals for us that were all totally amazing. I have seen God in my friends who make me laugh and encourage me to be better through their example. And the list goes on and on.

If you have made it this far into my lengthy blog post, I applaud you!! It isn’t so much a summary of the day as it is a detailed blow by blow, so thanks for hanging in there. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us for the rest of the week. He is already doing incredible things y’all, and He never stops!

(Shout out to Chet Butterworth in Colorado. Yeah,we haven’t forgotten you yet. Shout out to Leah and Drue and Jesse and everyone else who is working hard this week in Georgia)

Okay thanks bye.

Rebecca King


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