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IMPACT Packing List

Bring a sleeping bag or sheets, pillow, personal items, towels, regular camp clothes, $20 for a room key deposit (refunded at checkout), personal spending money, and a Bible.

You may also want to bring a tennis racket, ball glove, raquetball racket, frisbee, or a guitar.

Radios, TV’s, laser pointers, electronics such as ipods, DVD players, Ipads, computers etc. are not permitted. These items can easily be lost or stolen.

Alcohol, drugs (your counselor should be notified of any prescription drugs you are taking), fireworks,laser pointers, or any type of weapon are not allowed on campus. Any of these items will be taken by an IMPACT Staff person and held until the camper leaves at the end of IMPACT.

Don’t forget, we’re hanging out with the Albany group at 5:30pm on Thursday.

  • Girls bring desserts or snacks.
  • Guys bring drinks.
  • Parents of those going on the mission trip, stick around to meet Tommy Johnson who we will be working with in Albany.

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