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Sunday Summer Class Series

Title: Love Does Class

Teachers/Facilitators: Betsy Fisher and Nancy Osman.306965_10151035086230733_1038804178_n487452_439854892777339_424619445_n

For: High School Students only (Sorry Middle Schoolers).

Cost: $10 to help cover the cost of the books.

Size: This class is limited to 20 students.

“The brand of love Jesus offers is that it’s more about presence than undertaking a project. It’s a brand of love that doesn’t just think about good things, or agree with them, or talk about them.  Love Does.”

This class will be looking at the New York Times Bestseller, “Love Does” by Bob Goff.

Hope you’ll join our class on Sunday mornings!

Please email Betsy Fisher at bradandbets@comcast.net


Title: “Women in the Lineage of Christ”

Teachers/Facilitators: Carly Kendrick and Leah Walker 551735_10151406001061934_2145788335_n34160_411340138506_8374634_n

For: Middle School and High School Girls (Sorry Guys)

Cost: Free!

Size: The amount of girls that can fit in a breakout room.

Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary are the only four women Matthew mentions in the forty-two generations separating Abraham from Jesus. Each of these women are wrapped in their own scandal which we will be learning and discussing each Sunday morning.


Title: For Bro’s Only!

Teachers/Facilitators: Tim Smith and Hays Holland 404335_670844326909_260600881_n 644068_670843952659_336515133_n

For: Middle School and High School Guys (Sorry Girls)

Cost: Free!

Size: The amount of Bro’s that can fit in a breakout room.

Tim and Hayes Holland dropping masculine knowledge bombs on young men each week. It’s gonna be dope!.


Title: Praise Habit: Why we do what we do

Teachers/Facilitators: Jesse Baker 600418_10151494840981465_2030647065_n

For: Anyone interested in worship

Cost: Free!

Size: The amount of Bro’s and Girls that can fit in a breakout room.

There are as many different styles of worship as there are people on this planet, but why do we do what we do? Perhaps more importantly, what is worship, and how can we move beyond going through the motions to truly make praise our habit?
Join us this summer to explore the meaning and practice of worship.


Title: Stories

Teachers/Facilitators: David Sessions (with a different guest speaker every week) 315932_10201185190056835_1456130198_n

For: Literally anyone

Cost: Free!

Size: The amount of Bro’s and Girls that can fit in the main room.

We just spent 31 weeks studying a story about God loving and living with his people. Throughout The Story we emphasized how important it was to know that these are just the beginning 31 chapters and that God is still writing our story today. So for the Sundays in the summer we will have a different guest speaker who will come and tell us their story of how God has loved and lived with them. You will also get a chance to ask them questions about their stories and interact with each speaker.

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  1. Great choices!

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