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Jesus Party Cancelled :(



Look at that puppy’s face! Look at how sad he looks. I could fill a swimming pool with my own tears if I looked at that puppy long enough. Do you know why that puppy is so sad? I do. But are you sure you want me to tell you?

Caution, if you are having a bad day and can’t take more bad news, or if you are having a very good day and don’t want it spoiled with bad news, you should immediately stop reading this post, put down your electronic device and go enjoy a lovely spring day. If you decide to proceed, I must warn you, this picture captures only a glimpse into the profound depths of this puppy’s sadness. It is a sadness so deep and comprehensive no single picture could do it justice.

This puppy is so sad because we are officially canceling the Jesus Party… (dramatic pause for profound shock and sadness)…

Ok, being serious, The Jesus Party is something I’ve done at churches when I lived in Georgia and Texas. The idea is to throw a party Jesus may want to attend. When Jesus talked about parties he told his followers to invite “last” kinds of people, people that don’t normally get invited to parties, because that’s the celebration that is going to look most like heaven. Well, we had such a party all lined and, for a long list of reasons all of which are no bodies fault (except maybe mine – Dave’s), things fell through.

As much as I was joking about the puppy, I am pretty bumbed out about it because Jesus Parties are some of the most fun I’ve ever had. But, for this year, it aint happening. We will put it on the calendar for next year and hope things work out better. So, go hug a puppy.



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