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Sign up for IMPACT 2013!

IMPACT 2013We are officially accepting forms for IMPACT Jr. 2013! This is a great event for all current 6th-8th graders, and I would love for everyone to get to be a part of it!

Total cost is $175 (if you made a $25 deposit, then  you only owe $150 now), and all forms and money need to be turned in by May 5th at the absolute latest.*
(There is also a $20 housing deposit that is paid the first day of the event and refunded upon check-out.)

You can find the application form here: IMPACT 2013 Camper Application.

Each student will also need a Woodmont notarized medical authorization form if we do not already have one on file.

IMPACT is June 14-17.

*Seriously, I mean it!

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5 thoughts on “Sign up for IMPACT 2013!

  1. Audrey Barnett on said:

    Where can we find the notarized medical authorization form? (It isn’t on the link.)

  2. Michelle Nicholson on said:

    Is this for current 6th graders only or can rising 6th graders go also?

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