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Camp Telos 2013 Y’all!

Look at that slideshow! Would you just look at it?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes I still can’t believe how much fun we had at Camp Telos 2012. I actually think part of my mind melted because it was so awesome, like maybe the part that remembers stuff. Because sometimes I just forget how awesome Telos 2012 was.

Well guess what?

In 2013, we’re turning the awesomeness up to 11!

This summer Camp Telos will be July 22-27 at Camp Valley View just north of Greenbrier, a mere 30 minute drive from Woodmont’s building!

Camp Valley View is, to steal a phrase from my illustrious colleague Hayes Holland, dope!

Ughh! Would you just look at how dope he is!

Ughh! Would you just look at how dope he is!

It has dope cabins, it has a dope kitchen/eating area, it has dope fields for ultimate and the like, it has a dope archery range, and on and on and on. Really, the dope-ness is incomprehensible.

But as dope as the camp grounds are, none of us will be able to anticipate the awesomeness God has planned for Camp Telos 2013.

So mark your calendars, tell your friends and stay tuned for updates.

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