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Operation Christmas Child

9-12 Grade Girls

Your invited to The Weeks’ home this Sunday at 5 to help with an amazing charity that blesses people from around the world who may not experience Christmas the same way we do.

Our Flag Football games will be over by 4:30 so if you would like to carpool or snag a ride from the games Mrs. Stacy has offered to do that.

If you’d like to be part of this project providing a special Christmas gift box to an underprivileged child, we invite you to bring a sturdy shoe box (cardboard or plastic) and an assortment of small toys, trinkets, school supplies, etc. that would be appropriate.  You may also add candies and gum, but no chocolate please, as it may melt.  Also, bring a note card or Christmas card to be included in your box. You can write a blessing for the child who will receive your box. Lastly, please bring $5 for shipping and, after your gift box is finished, why not say a little prayer for the child who will be thrilled to receive it!

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