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Back-to-School Bash 2016!

Back-to-School-BashJoin us next Wednesday, August 31st, for our annual Back-to-School Bash!

Pizza will be served in the Great Hall lobby starting at 6pm, and the event will begin at 6:30pm with worship led by our youth praise band, a time to hear about the upcoming year for the WoodmontYG, and time to get to know your students’ Lifeguards.

We will also have a Notary Public present to notarize medical forms that will remain on file for a whole year of youth events.

Be sure to join us as we start this school year off right!


Promotion Sunday and Schedule Change

WoodmontScheduleChange_2[3]Hard to believe the fall semester is already upon us, but here we are!

This Sunday, August 14th, we will begin our new Sunday morning schedule:

  • Worship – 8:30-9:30
  • Classes – 9:45-10:45
  • Worship – 11:00-12:00

We will also be meeting separately (middle and high school) this Sunday. So, 6th-8th grades, head to The Bridge (Room 206W) at 9:45, and 9th-12th graders will be in the Teen Center at 9:45.

Please try to be on time for class! We have less time now, so we want to make the most of our hour.

Girls’ Sleepover!

girls night

We are ending our summer with a sleepover! All middle school and high school girls are welcome – and your friends too! We’ll watch a movie, play games, do a craft, and eat lots of food…it’ll be great. And it will be our last “big” thing of the summer :( 

WHEN: Monday, August 1 – Tuesday, August 2

TIME: 7PM – 9/9:30AM  *Kelsey Fisher has her day care camp starting at 10AM that Tuesday morning so the end/pick up time is important for us to keep to be good house guests!* 

WHERE: Betsy Fisher’s house (416 Dahlia Dr. Brentwood, TN 37027) 


  • Sleeping bag or blanket and pillow 
  • $3 (we will order pizza later that night, but eat dinner before you come!) 
  • Snacks and drinks to share (Try and avoid snacks with any nuts as we have a few girls we allergies) 

Please talk to or text Christie (603.494.5008) or Lizzy (314.223.7149) if you’re thinking about coming just so we have an idea of how many girls to prepare for! 

Camp Barnabas: Day 7 (Final Update)

I am completely overwhelmed as I sit down to write about last night and today. So many tears, so much love.

Two sacred events happen on the last night of every week at Camp Barnabas. The first is called “Cross Carry”: everyone at camp lined up in groups on a long stretch of road – first camp leadership staff, then campers and missionaries by cabin, ending with the barnstormers. Beginning with the camp staff, a large wooden cross representing all past Camp Barnabas campers who have passed away since attending camp was carried down the road to be prayed over by each group. Everyone gathered in tight circles around the cross with their group, and heartfelt, tearful prayers were lifted up for the families of those who have been lost. Many of the campers this week have lost family members and friends represented by that cross, and agonizing cries of mourning could be heard from many of the groups that were praying. As I followed the cross down the road, dry eyes were few and far between, and all around me missionaries were embracing their campers as they wept in their arms. This was a holy time of grief and sorrow, wrapped in abounding love. It was truly a heartbreaking honor to witness.

Directly following Cross Carry was a more lighthearted (but just as sacred) time in the dome called “Say So”, in which any camper who wanted to say a few words about the week was welcomed to come up and speak to everyone. Two long lines began to form very quickly, as anxious and excited campers awaited their turn with their missionaries. I wish I could have recorded the entire Say So time to remember all of the precious, earnest things the campers said! They were overflowing with thanksgiving and SO MUCH LOVE for their missionaries and cabins and the time they shared this week. They talked about every activity they had done, all the new friends they had made, how pumped they already are to come back next year, and on and on and on. It was such a beautiful time of reflection on the week, and listening to our students’ campers brag about how wonderful they are left me bursting with pride!

The evening ended in fine fashion when Brad Fisher’s and Jax Nicholson’s cabin won the JEFF award for the boys for the whole week, and Bethany Cox’s and Brooke Birdwell’s cabin won for the girls! Their two cabins got a private party while everyone else headed to bed, complete with ice cream sundaes, dancing, and a “Honey Roast” in which everyone poured compliments on each camper about how they exemplified the qualities of JEFF throughout the week. But they weren’t the only ones who attended a VIP private party; our barnstormers were thanked and celebrated with an amazing pool party after lights out as well! For the first time this week the trapeze was opened up for their use, so I got some cool pictures of barnstormers flying through the air and landing in the pool! What an unbelievably special night it was.

Just when our group thought we were all cried out, camper goodbyes slapped us right in the face this morning. Many campers started getting upset as early as breakfast, several hours before we all departed, and the emotions only continued to heighten as we drew closer to closing ceremonies and final goodbyes. After everyone was packed up and cabins were cleaned out, we all greeted camper parents and headed to the gym for a time of worship and reflection on the week. All of the missionaries sat snuggly together with their camper and their camper’s family and we all watched a 10 minute video of clips from the week put together by the Barnabas staff. Everyone’s faces as we watched this video were priceless; campers and missionaries reliving the memories they’d made together, and camper parents experiencing a tiny piece of the love that was poured lavishly into their children this week.

After the video, the announcement was made that Hannah Armistead’s camper Charlotte won Honor Camper for the week! This is a huge deal at camp, and everyone screamed and cheered like crazy as she gleefully ran up to the stage to receive the award. Hannah looked like a proud mom, just beaming next to Charlotte and cheering louder than anyone else.

Following closing ceremonies was the sweetest time of mass hugging and tear-filled goodbyes you can imagine. To help represent the emotion of camp departure, I will share a story about one of our students without revealing his name (so as to keep his manly man image in tact): this particular student had an unbelievably difficult week. Many times he opened up and shared that this was the longest week he’s ever experienced, and how his camper was making his life miserable around the clock. His camper was particularly challenging, and made it nearly impossible for this student to really even experience camp. But this morning after departure I saw him standing off to the side by himself, so I approached him and asked how he was doing. He immediately threw his arms around me, laid his head on my shoulder and cried, and through his tears, said, “I miss my boy… I miss my boy.” Even this student – who we all thought would be dancing to the vans singing “Free at last!” as we left – was devastated saying goodbye to his camper.

It was during the events of camp departure this morning that I began to digest the full capacity of this mission trip and how it has changed us. Camp Barnabas provides its campers the opportunity to experience all of the acceptance, love, and affirmation they lack from the world 51 weeks of the year, and provides its missionaries the opportunity to live pure, others-first servanthood that we lack in the world 51 weeks of the year. We have learned to look for and appreciate the good in everyone we encounter, and that when we step out of our comfort zones and allow God to use us in ways that might scare us, the rewards far outweigh the discomfort. We have learned true gratitude for what we have been given, and how blessed we really are even though we don’t see it that way so much of the time. We have learned to notice and be thankful for the tedious tasks that others do for us, like washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms, and have learned to verbalize that appreciation and to make those loads lighter whenever we can. We have learned that even when we are at our wit’s end – sleep-deprived, blazing hot, and far past the point of exhaustion in every physical and emotional way – if we trust the Lord fully and rely on him for our strength, he will come through for us in powerful ways.

Finally, we have gotten a small taste of what it must be like for God to continuously love and care for us in spite of our foolishness and affliction. All of the camper behaviors that made this week frustrating and challenging are all behaviors that God experiences with us as his children: talking too much and refusing to listen, being ignored, moving too slowly, running away, refusing to cooperate, being mistreated, requiring endless repetition of instructions before understanding and obeying… Sound familiar? God allowed us to live a part of his reality this week – unconditional patience and love. We are praying that these lessons will stay close to our hearts and affect the way we live in a real way in the coming months.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the abundance of prayers and encouragement we have received this week. After a fun, relaxing afternoon and night spending time together in a beautiful setting, we are ready to get some much needed rest and head home first thing in the morning. See you soon, Nashville!


P.S. Update on Isaac – he is home resting and doing much better! God is good!


Camp Barnabas: Day 6

Today is the last full day at Camp Barnabas, and there are so many mixed emotions seeping through the missionaries and campers here. We are all beyond exhausted – both physically and emotionally – and are definitely missing the people and amenities of home. At the same time, though, we are dreading the moment when we have to say goodbye to our campers and the missionaries we’ve befriended during this incredible experience.

Last night was the best party of the week – an “Out of this World” themed dance party! Picture your high school prom, but in a small gym packed with 300 people and no AC – and twice as much fun! Our campers went NUTS, dancing their hearts out and having the time of their lives! For an hour and a half we all danced and sweated together, and the air was thick with energy and indescribable joy.

Lots of female campers this week have been abuzz with crushes on different missionaries and barnstormers, and they had the opportunity at the party to ask their crushes to dance, all of whom happily obliged! (Among those being crushed on was Nathan Nance, and for anyone who has seen Nathan dance, you know he was the life of the party and made one female camper very happy!) There was also a special “VIP Lounge” constructed of high walls of foam blocks in the corner of the gym, and two camp staffers were placed outside as “bouncers”; they each held clipboards in their hands which contained sheets of paper with all of the campers’ names on them, and only the campers “on the list” were allowed inside and could bring one guest with them. All of this to say, they created an experience that made it possible for these campers with special needs to live a night out just like anyone else in the real world, which is something they would never get to do outside of camp. It was one of the most special nights of my life, and I know the rest of our group would echo me in that.

On a much sadder note, Audrey Barnett’s camper, Cassie, is having an extremely difficult day today. Cassie’s fiancé Isaac is another one of the campers here this week, and our group is obsessed with the two of them as a couple! We’ve all gotten to hang out with them and get to know them this week, and they are two of the most precious people on the planet. Isaac and Cassie are both pretty high functioning, but Isaac has had serious health problems most of his life. His testimony would blow you all away: when he was 11 he came dangerously close to dying of heart failure; he lost his sister in a horrible car accident one month before coming to camp this week; and his brother is months away from dying of liver cancer. Isaac has every reason to be a cynical, depressed person, but he is dynamic, positive, and pours his love out with abandon to everyone he meets.

This morning, Isaac had a heart episode while he was canoeing. His heart began to fail, and an ambulance full of medical professionals was called in to resuscitate him. When they couldn’t initially stabilize him, an Air Evac helicopter came to Life Flight him to the nearest hospital. Thankfully, the med team was finally able to stabilize him so that they felt safe sending him to the hospital in the ambulance, and that is where he will be for the rest of camp. Needless to say, Cassie has been a wreck all day. Audrey has held her and cried with her for hours today, and was the only one who could finally get her to sleep during F.O.B. this afternoon. Our hearts are all so heavy for Cassie and Isaac, and so full of love watching Audrey care for her in such a tender way today. We’re asking for prayers for Isaac and Cassie when you think about it this week.

One last happy story before a few people from our group share. Here at Camp Barnabas, there are what feels like a million different songs and chants that camp returners know and first-timers learn over the course of the week, and they are performed constantly throughout the day. One of these songs is used to jokingly pressure different people to stand up during meals and sing a song in front of everyone. The song is sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and everyone joins in together and sings it until the targeted person finally stands up to sing. Here’s how it would go if it was being sung to me:

Sing a song Ginger Connor, sing a song
Sing a song Ginger Connor, sing a song
We won’t hush up ‘til you stand up
Sing a song Ginger Connor, sing a song

Typically this song is sung to camp staffers or missionaries who stand up and sing just a short clip of a silly song that everyone sings along to (“Ice Ice Baby” and Taylor Swift songs are popular choices), but today during lunch this lighthearted tradition became something so much more special. One of the campers with autism was called on to stand up and sing, and she went to the front, took the microphone, and sang “Reflection” from the movie Mulan. She sang every word with everything inside of her, and it brought tears to my eyes (for the millionth time this week). It was so beautiful watching her pour her heart into this song that she clearly loves so much, and was just another example of the magic that happens at Camp Barnabas.

Olivia Cowan wanted to share about her week today:

So, to sum up the week… I was the only female barnstormer in our group. As a barnstormer, we serve at meals, do the dishes, and clean the bathrooms. This week has been such a blessing to me. I was able to meet a lot of campers and get to know one camper really well this week, and she has been amazing.

Brad Fisher also shared his thoughts about Camp Barnabas:

What an amazing week! Our kids have had an opportunity to experience true servanthood. The students serving as missionaries are committed to their special needs camper for 22 hours of each day. The missionaries’ experiences have been unique due to the uniqueness of their camper, their own demeanor, and the amount of God’s grace that allows them to subject their own wants and desires to those of their campers. Submitting to another is easier for some than others! J

The students serving as barnstormers are working very hard as well, doing “menial” tasks for 8+ hours per day. Without the barnstormers, the camp simply could not operate.

Our students are working alongside other students from churches in Colorado, Texas and elsewhere. That has also been a good experience. In talking with some of the ministers who have been bringing groups to Camp Barnabas for years, they think it is the mission opportunity that provides their kids the greatest growth opportunity.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. Last update tomorrow!

Albany: Day 4

Today, after another breakfast at the Salvation Army, we headed over to the Second Harvest Food Bank to pack some food boxes for families around Albany and across South Georgia. We were asked to pack 360 boxes which will feed 360 families of four for up to a month. This amazing team did it in just over an hour!

We spent the afternoon with our favorite kids in Albany, playing games, creating things with Play-Doh, and swatting gnats. 

Sadly, we said our goodbyes to the kids in the park today. Tomorrow we’ll be kayaking together to celebrate a week of amazing experiences and service. Then just one last breakfast with our neighbors on Friday before heading home. This week really has flown by!

Camp Barnabas: Day 5

Another big Barnabas hello friends!

Picking up where our last update left off: last night we had a Mad Scientist theme party! We all dressed up in lab coats, goggles, big white hair, and glasses, and went around to about 10 stations that each had a different science experiment for campers to do. There was also a huge cardboard box that had been painted to look like a talking computer; one of the camp staffers hid inside with an amp and a microphone, and when the campers pushed a “button” they could ask a question and the “computer” would answer in a robotic voice. They thought it was SO cool, and the questions they asked were hilarious! It was a blast watching their bewilderment doing all of the awesome science tricks and experiments set up for them.

The prestigious JEFF award went to Jax Nicholson’s cabin last night! The JEFF theme of the day was enthusiasm, and their cabin definitely showed it in many ways. They took two huge sticks and made a cross out of them, then decorated a white t-shirt and put it on the sticks to make a person, and carried it around all day shouting their cabin chants. So it was no surprise when they won JEFF for the day!

Another of my favorite moments from last night was watching Devante “Biggie” Ridley with his camper Greg at Wrap-Up. Greg is one of the most difficult campers here this week, with one of the highest levels of need. Greg is very heavy and has an injured foot, so it is super painful for him to walk around camp. As a result, he is angry around the clock and never wants to go anywhere. Biggie has an extremely hard time convincing him to walk to each activity that they are supposed to go to, and when he does finally drag him up, he’ll only walk about 30 feet before plopping down on the ground again. On top of all of that, Greg is mean to Biggie basically all day long, figuring out all of the things that hurt or drive Biggie crazy and doing them constantly. Needless to say, Biggie has had a crazy hard week with Greg, and has asked for us to pray for him every day that he can make it through the week. Last night at Wrap-Up, though, I looked over on the bleachers and Greg was sitting in front of Biggie leaning back on him with his head on his leg, and Biggie was rubbing his back sweetly to comfort him. This went on for about 10 minutes, and it was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. Watching Biggie put aside his frustration and care for his camper in such a loving way was an amazing representation of the work our missionaries are doing this week.

Lots of our group members wanted to share a message in today’s update! Here is Bethany Cox:

This week has been absolutely amazing. It is so wonderful getting to watch these campers, especially during worship. The love they have for the Lord is so inspiring, and even more so because they express it in their own special ways. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to come this week, and am looking forward to a great rest of the week.

 Betsy Fisher also wanted to share:

“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking around life – and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.” Romans 12:1-2 MSG    I have been reminded of this scripture several times this week. I have watched our students make this verse real for me and their campers. They have spent this week caring for someone else’s needs. They stay within an arm’s length of their camper at all times. If their camper is slow they are walking slow; if their camper wants to sit and watch people and not engage, they sit right there with them. Our students’ entire focus is on someone else. This whole week has been about them offering their lives to someone the world says is “less than” in some way. It is HARD, but I see the Spirit of God in each one of them. Yes, there is frustration and irritation, but God is transforming them and I am blessed to watch them grow and hear where they are recognizing God’s work. I am forever changed for the good by this trip.

Jillian Johnson shared a little about her week as well:

This week has been an eye opening for me. I have been working in a guy cabin, and I have to say, it has been pretty awesome working with them. The other missionaries in my cabin are so cool. Most of them are from Texas, and it has been really cool getting to know them. My camper is really awesome. His name is Aidan and he has autism and down syndrome. He is also non-verbal, so this whole trip it has been hard to understand what he wants or needs. He only likes his fruit snacks and his iPad to watch The Wiggles. It is his first year at camp also, so it is a first experience for both of us. I can’t wait to tell y’all more when we get back!

Sam King, one of our Barnstormers, shared this:

This has been an incredible experience for me and it’s been so amazing watching all the campers bond with the missionaries and with each other. I have loved meeting all the other Barnstormers and watching God work through them.

Our group is hot, sweaty, exhausted, and overflowing with love and thanksgiving for what God is doing this week. As always, keep us in your prayers. We need them to boost us through to Saturday!


Final Nicaragua Update

This final update comes to you from Reagan Boone and Hadley Hilgenhurst. It’s been an amazing week and, barring any setbacks, we will arrive in Nashville tomorrow at 9:25PM.

July 19th update

This morning everyone woke up quite sad; today was our last day. When we arrived at the construction site everyone got to work as usual, but the air was thick with heavy feelings. We laid concrete as the final task before our last lunch together with our Nicaraguan family. The meal was well spent playing with the children of the town, who graciously came to savor the time before our goodbye. After lunch construction resumed as usual, but a fair few visited Santos, for whom we built a house on our last trip here. That was a special moment for all, especially those who remember the faces and friendships created last year. The connection was instantaneous, the love overwhelming. The American teenagers picked the friendships right back from where they left off through rounds of tag and duck duck goose. The time for our dreaded departure came at the end of the day. When, at last we did say goodbye, we left content that our relationships with our Nicaraguan friends are, and will forever be, eternal. Our brothers and sisters here lovingly prayed over us, and all connected through Christ in our last moments together. Needless to say, the feelings were more than intense.

Albany: Day 3

Let me first begin with a quick recap of yesterday, because I may or may not have been too drowsy to get around to type an update: We served breakfast to our neighbors, spent the morning painting a room at the Mission Change office as well as the white picket fence around their community garden, and then headed to the community center to play games with some of our new favorite kids as well as a couple beloved familiar faces. 

Today began with our neighbors at the Salvation Army once again before hitting the road to trim some trees with Keep Albany-Dougherty County Beautiful (the non-profit responsible for keeping the streets around the county welcoming and civic pride on the rise), then we went back to see our friends at the park for some slip-and-slide kickball and water games!

The night is winding down with some games back at the Mission Change offices before (hopefully) getting some good rest before starting another wonderful day with our brother Chris at the Salvation Army. 

Thanks for your prayers!

Nicaragua Day 5

Enjoy this very creative recap of Day 5 by Karalyne Dube and Emma Bonamie.

Written in Hawaii Pidgin

Dis group a peopo woke up dis morning to praise da Spesho Guy God
Dey wen to da work site and dirt wen flyin cuz of all dat diggin
Sum songs was sung togeda by da famo guy Micho Jackson
Den plenny rains powed down from da sky and dey was very thankful fo it
Dey even playd in dat rain!
Befo dey wen back to da hotel, dis was wen happen;
We talked to dem Nicaraguans abou culchure an traditions right den and dea
We say to dem “You my boy. I really get love an aloha fo you, an I stay good inside cuz a you.”
Afta at da hotel, we ate an prayed stayin clear of dem fumigations
Dis group of peopo is very sad fo da coming auries (goodbyes)
All dis happen but we still got one mo day


This morning we went out for another day of work
We arrived at the work site and leveled out the ground by digging and filling holes
To keep us going we sang Michael Jackson songs together
While working, a big storm came over us, but we were thankful because it was refreshing
We even played in the rain!
Before going back to the hotel, we talked to the Nicaraguans about their culture and what they liked and dislike about it
At the hotel, our rooms were being fumigated because of bugs, so we stayed clear
We are sad for the upcoming goodbyes, but we still have one more day

Karalyne and Emma

Camp Barnabas: Day 4

Happy Taco Tuesday/Mad Scientist day from Camp Barnabas!

While collectively we have sweat the weight of a tow truck, our group is continuing to have an awesome time getting to know and loving on our campers!

Last night we had a Neverland themed pool party, and everyone dressed up as Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, pirates, and Lost Boys! There was an obstacle course for the campers that ended with them tackling “Captain Hook” (a huge, plastic-covered foam block), and the party ended with two of the staff members dressed as Peter Pan and Captain Hook sword fighting on the high dive, and Captain Hook and all the pirates being pushed into the pool! It was absolutely priceless watching the looks on campers’ faces as they took in all of the excitement.

We were all super pumped for Betsy, Riley, and Micah at Wrap-Up last night. Their cabins won the highly prestigious and coveted JEFF Award that’s given out to one guy cabin and one girl cabin each night! JEFF stands for Joy/Enthusiasm/Fun/Fellowship, and each day (Monday through Thursday) has one of these as a theme; yesterday’s theme was Joy! Camp staff observes each cabin throughout the day and chooses the cabin who represents that day’s theme the most to receive the JEFF Award at Wrap-Up. They get a huge JEFF banner to carry around all the next day and major bragging rights, so Betsy, Riley, and Micah have been enjoying that today!

A highlight of today so far was witnessing several campers conquer fears that they’ve had since they got here. With a ton of encouragement and cheers from missionaries, one went off the high dive, one went down the enormous water slide, and one went on the Superman Swing (more about that from Jonathan below!), all three having been terrified to do these things the last two days. I teared up watching one missionary meet his camper under the high dive after he jumped – he was screaming and cheering and swallowed him in a huge, wet hug! It’s memories like these that we’re bringing home with us that will last a lifetime.

Here is what Audrey Brooks had to share today:

At Camp Barnabas, I am a floater and don’t have my own camper, but I get to help and love each one of the campers in my cabin. I get to see different things that make each one of them happy, and I’m so glad I get to share those moments with them. I’m having such an amazing time learning how great this place is for all the campers! I can’t wait to see what else God is going to show me this week!

Ragan Huffman also wanted to share how her week has been going:

It’s our second full day with campers at Camp Barnabas and I have enjoyed every minute of my experience here so far. My camper that I spend all day with is very adventurous and has definitely pushed me to do things I would never do on my own, and I am so grateful to see the way that she brings out the best in me. I feel so blessed to be a part of something as amazing as this camp, and seeing the joy on campers’ faces while we’re singing or doing activities is inspiring and entirely overwhelming at times. I can’t wait for the days to come and I look forward to seeing God’s work in the hearts of campers as well as my own.

Jonathan Pendergrast had a really special moment with his camper today:

My camper’s name is Bobby and he is super cool. Bobby loves to talk and play Pokemon and his knowledge of the subject surpasses mine. His best friend Nick is here in our cabin too. It’s really cool to see them hang out and have fun together. Today we did the Superman Swing (a giant swing where they tie a rope to the back of your harness and you jump off of a super high platform with your camper and fly around like you are Superman) and Bobby was really nervous. We got up to the top and he was freaking out. He is terrified of heights. The coolest part was when I finally convinced him to jump with me and he overcame his fear and really enjoyed the swing. I’m so glad I got paired with Bobby this week.

I can’t overstate how proud I am of our students this week, and how tirelessly they are working to show the love of Jesus to these campers. I wish I could teleport our whole church here to experience Camp Barnabas with us! But in the meantime, continue sending prayers our way.


Camp Barnabas: Day 3

Today was our first full day with campers, and everyone had an absolute blast! This is what our daily schedule looks like this week:

7:30am: Wake up

8:00am: Inspiration Point (We all meet together by the lake and sing crazy songs to wake each other up, and then we receive an inspiring word for the day by one of the camp staffers.)

8:30am:  Girls – Breakfast    Guys – Cabin cleanup/Devos

9:30am:  (Girls and guys switch)

10:30am: 1st Activity (Each cabin does 3 scheduled fun activities per day. These include boating/tubing, canoeing, fishing, pool activities, slip ‘n slide, mini golf, sports, ropes courses, and much more! This place is decked out with fun stuff to do.)

11:30am: 2nd Activity

12:30pm:  Girls – Lunch     Guys – 3rd Activity

1:30pm:  Girls – F.O.B. (“Flat on Back” – this is a mandatory rest time for campers, and a chance for missionaries to meet together in their church groups.)

Guys – Lunch

2:30pm: Girls – 3rd Activity    Guys – F.O.B.

3:30pm: O.A.T.s (“Open Activities Time” – missionaries are back with their campers and have lots of activities they can choose from to do during this time.)

5:30pm: Girls – Dinner    Guys – Showers

6:30pm: (Girls and guys switch)

7:30pm: Nightly theme party! (In order by night: Olympics, Neverland, Mad Scientists, Outer Space Dance Party)

9:00pm: Wrap-up (Everyone gathers back together and has worship/devo/dessert.)

10:30pm: Camper lights out/Missionary “family time” (The last hour of the night the campers are asleep and our missionaries have a chance to debrief and hang out together without their campers.)

11:30pm: Missionary/staff lights out

I had a chance to meet with our girls and guys separately during F.O.B. today, and listening to them talk about their campers and their experiences thus far made my heart want to explode! They are working so hard and loving their campers with everything they have. Every single one of our students had multiple stories about their campers and their cabins that they were so excited to share, and we all just had mega grins plastered on our faces the entire time we were listening!

Each day from here on I am asking at least one guy and one girl from our group to write me just a few sentences about their experience this week to share with you all. Here is what Audrey Barnett had to say this afternoon:

So far, this week has gone really well! I have a super sweet camper named Cassie (who likes to be called Cascar because she loves Nascar). We spent the day playing mini golf, making up cheers and songs for our cabin in the pool, and decorating our cabin for the Neverland theme of the day. Though it is exhausting to be responsible for another camper all day long, it is super rewarding and amazing to learn about the campers and experience all of their qualities. One of my favorite parts so far was sitting with Cassie last night and reading different Bible stories and talking about them. These campers have a huge love for Jesus that shines through in their personalities!

Jax Nicholson also shared how his week is going:

So far this has been one of the best weeks of my summer! (Even though we are stuck out here where it’s like 100% humidity… All the time.) I have a camper named Nathan, and he is a very outgoing and smart individual. I have never in my life met someone as good at math as he is. You can pretty much pull any multiplication problem and give him a bit and he will give you the answer just like that! My favorite part of the week so far has definitely been camper arrival! Seeing the looks on the campers’ faces as they ran through the tunnel that we made was instantly uplifting. It definitely made our hearts smile!

I couldn’t be more proud of our students and the unbelievable work they are doing for God’s kingdom this week. Keep your prayers coming! More tomorrow.

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