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Flag Football Games for 10-12-14

HS Guys 2:00 vs. Y.E.S. – Field 3

Girls 3:00 vs. Harpeth Hills – Field 1

Jr High Guys 4:00 vs. Woodson Chapel – Field 2

Albany Team Reunion & Interest Meeting with Todd and LaDonna!

Our dear friends Todd and LaDonna Urick (Leaders at Mission: Change) are in town from Albany, GA!

If you have ever been a part of our Albany mission trip or you are a family with a 7th or 8th grade student who is interested in going to Albany this summer, please join us THIS Wednesday (Oct. 8th) at 5:30 in the youth area.

This will be informal, but we’d love to show the Uricks the same kind of hospitality they have shown us. So, please make an effort to come if at all possible!

Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Flag Football Games for 10-5

Girls: 3:00 vs. Brentwood Hills 2

Jr. High Guys: 3:00 vs. Brentwood Hills Rathburn (the last BHCC team played was BHCC Craig)

Sr. High Guys: 4:00 vs. Granny White

This Wednesday Night


This Wednesday night (October 1st) we will be reflecting on what we learned from our last experiment in following The Way of Jesus. So, come ready to share what you think Jesus would have us learn from our dinner with our friends from The Islamic Center of Nashville.

We will also begin hearing from the story of Jesus for our next experiment. This time we will be listening to Jesus’ words from Mark 3:1-6.

Girls Bible Study

Girls Bible Study Graphic

Hey Girls,

Get your homework done before Sunday night so you can join us for our new bible study.  We’re going to meet a couple of times a month.  This fall we’ll be studying about joy.  Bring dinner, we’ll hang out, spend some time in scripture and maybe even have a craft.  If you need to get there late, that’s ok! Just be there.

Tonight’s Experiment in Following The Way of Jesus

Jesus eating with "sinners" from Jesus' perspective, beautiful.

From Jesus’ perspective, angels attending as he eats with “sinners,” beautiful.

Tonight is our first night of the school year where were are doing monthly experiments into following The Way of Jesus, and I’m so excited. We’ve invited folks from the Islamic Center of Nashville to come have dinner with us tonight because, as we read in Mark 2:13-17, Jesus ate with the very people others found distrustful and offensive to God, and we want to know what he would have us learn by doing the same. It’s not worship, its not a feeble attempt at assimilating two world religions over night, its a dinner; a chance to make friends and, in so doing, peace on this earth.

I think first and foremost, Jesus would have us be good hosts. So, please show up at or before 6:30.

I also know there’s a really cool tradition of fellowship and food at Baja before church, for this week and this week only, I’m asking you not to eat at Baja or anywhere else before hand. We’re serving food, it’s going to be good, it’s free, and we’re having guests. If you had people over to your house and someone in your family didn’t eat with your guests because they had already eaten before, that would be a little rude, and I’m just asking for one night only, please don’t eat before hand.

I can’t wait to see what Jesus teaches us tonight

Flag Football Schedule for 9-28

All… Please note the change in time for Jr. High Guys and that the Girls are playing 2 games this week.

All games played at J.T. Moore Middle School

High School Guys: 4:00 vs. Harpeth Hills on field 3

JR High Guys: 4:00 vs. Otter Colvett on Field 2

Girls: 2:00 vs. West End

3:00 vs. Granny White

Rules for Meeting with Our Muslim Friends

Tomorrow night we will be practicing The Way of Jesus by hosting Muslims from the Islamic Center of Nashville in our youth area. Here are some rules to keep in mind from our Shepherd Roger Wiemers who has been instrumental in getting this experiment going.

1. Guys should never “touch” Muslim women in any form.  Not on the shoulder as a greeting, not by shaking hands (unless she extends her hand first)…..not in any way, especially if the female is old enough to wear a hijab.
2. Guys should never be alone with a Muslim women, even if it is not intentional.  So, if the guys notice that some female has preceded them into the hallway at closing time, tell them to wait until other females or other Muslims go out first before they enter into the hallway with them.  This is just being respectful of their culture.
3. Also, guys should not have extended eye contact with Muslim women.  In greetings, in direct conversation, etc. it is alright, but when the guys are not involved in this interaction, they should refrain from having eye contact with the women.
4. Don’t mention Mohammed in any context!  Even though someone may want to say something nice, it could be taken the wrong way either by a language shortage or by a cultural misperception….so just avoid using the name.

Flag Football Week 2

Again, all games all season are at JT Moore Middle School on Granny White Pike. Here are they are:
HS Guys: 2:00 vs. Calvary on Field 3
JR High Guys: 2:00 vs Brentwood Hills Craig on Field 2
Girls: 4:00 vs Otter Creek Maple on field 4

Wednesday Night Experiments

On Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future we have begun a new and challenging process for our teenagers. In short, we are challenging them to not only think critically about the life of Jesus but to practice for themselves and make discoveries that traditional lessons don’t quite unveil. It is roughly a four week process where in week 1 we share food and fellowship (this is also a great night to invite friends) and simply listen to a story from the life of Christ. In week 2 we challenge our students to meditate more deeply on that story and to come up with a plan for the next week where we will experiment with enculturating a behavior or practice of Jesus today. This second week is the most critical because we are actually relying on the students to plan their own Jesus-experiment. In week 3, we do the experiment. This can take the form of service or something completely creative. The fourth week we reflect on what we did and draw out some lessons learned in the doing.
Last Wednesday night, which was week 2 in this process. We meditated on Mark 2:13-17 where Jesus called Levi (Matthew) to be his disciple and was then criticized by the religious elite for eating with tax-collectors (Levi and associates) and sinners (isn’t it amazing that the person the religious elite called a sinner is now one of our faith heros?). We had an incredible discussion and soon settled on the question, “Who could we eat with that would shock those who know us best?” After some great suggestion, it came to a vote and our students decided to host a local group of Muslims to a dinner held in their honor at our church.
The next day, after realizing I didn’t know any practicing Muslims, we got to work coordinating with Elder Roger Wiemers in inviting some of his friends and associates from the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN). While we intended for that dinner to happen this Wednesday night, we simply could not coordinate schedules with the good folks at ICN for this Wednesday night. However, they are more free the Wednesday evening after (September 24th) and we will be hosting them in the teen center at 6:30. If you would like to come and help us set up our banquet, please arrive at 6:00.
This Wednesday night we will get ready for the evening by learning a little more about Islam and preparing our students to serve the good people from ICN.
At this point you may be saying something like, “Are we actually ready to invite a group of non-Christians, let alone Muslims to our church?” Which is not an irrational question and, considering some recent headlines with groups like ISIS, I understand. To this question I’d like to say 4 things:
  1. Please go visit the ICN’s website now (http://www.icntn.org). I personally do not feel so distant from them when the first thing I read on their website is, “American Muslims view the actions of ISIS as un-Islamic and morally repugnant. No religion condones the murder of civilians, the beheading of religious scholars or the desecration of houses of worship. We condemn the actions of ISIS and reject its assertion that all Muslims are required to pay allegiance to its leader.” These are words I can get behind. Also, while it would be dishonest to say we are just the same (We believe Jesus is God and Muslims believe he was perhaps the greatest of all God’s profits second only to Muhammed) I think we might be surprised at all we have in common.
  2. I think following Jesus should make us a little uncomfortable at times. I think it should cause us to stretch and, in the discomfort, learn more about ourselves, our neighbors, and God than we ever could from listening to one more lesson. All we hope to do with this evening is learn what Jesus would have us learn about practicing hospitality to those the religious elite might label sinners, that and perhaps develop a new friend or two. We will not preach at them and they won’t preach at us. We will merely share a meal together and celebrate a God that calls all people to practice peace and an end to hostility.
  3. If you don’t feel comfortable with this event no one at Woodmont will criticize you or think  of you any differently. We are all where we are on this journey with God and only you know the fine line between stretching yourself and putting yourself in a situation in which you can’t be comfortable.
  4. Regardless of whether or not you currently plan on attending, please spend some time praying for Godly wisdom regarding your participation in this experiment. No one knows what the end lesson(s) from this experiment will be and no one knows the ways we’ll succeed and/or mess up. All we in leadership hope for is that we would learn equally from our mistakes and success that we might grow closer to our Maker. Really, it’s all we could ever hope for. Let’s all agree to enter into this prayerfully, and with eyes and ears wide open for the things God has to teach us.

Flag Football Schedule


Ok Folks

The schedules just came out and here’s what we got for week 1: 

High School Guys (Grades 10-12) against Hillsboro at 4:00 PM

Younger Guys (Grade 7-9) against Otter Creek at 3:00 PM

High School Girls (Grades 10-12) against Otter Creek at 2:00 PM

Younger Girls (Grades 7-9) against Harpeth Hills at 4:00 PM

Flag Football

Our first flag football games are this Sunday. “What time?” you ask, I don’t know yet but as soon as I know, I’ll post it here. If you’re planning on coming to church tonight, we’ll walk through some things afterwards but I’ll stop short of calling it a practice. If you can make it, great if not, don’t worry, everyone will get to play.  
The cost of playing is $75 per person. You Must also bring me (David) or sue the signed form you can find here
If you have the jersey from last year, your cost to play is only $60. If you need a jersey it’s $75 and I need you to email me your shirt size at dsessions@woodont.org . 

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