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Flag Football Schedule


Ok Folks

The schedules just came out and here’s what we got for week 1: 

High School Guys (Grades 10-12) against Hillsboro at 4:00 PM

Younger Guys (Grade 7-9) against Otter Creek at 3:00 PM

High School Girls (Grades 10-12) against Otter Creek at 2:00 PM

Younger Girls (Grades 7-9) against Harpeth Hills at 4:00 PM

Flag Football

Our first flag football games are this Sunday. “What time?” you ask, I don’t know yet but as soon as I know, I’ll post it here. If you’re planning on coming to church tonight, we’ll walk through some things afterwards but I’ll stop short of calling it a practice. If you can make it, great if not, don’t worry, everyone will get to play.  
The cost of playing is $75 per person. You Must also bring me (David) or sue the signed form you can find here
If you have the jersey from last year, your cost to play is only $60. If you need a jersey it’s $75 and I need you to email me your shirt size at dsessions@woodont.org . 

New Youth Praise Band Coordinator


She needs no introduction but, it’s my honor to introduce Leah Gray as our new Youth Praise Band Coordinator. Our wonderful Rachel Rogers had to move on to pursue other interests and we wish her nothing but the best and we are so excited to be working with Leah. Most of you know Leah because she grew up at Woodmont. Leah brings an awesome combination of vocal and instrumental talent along with great organization and people skills. 

Important Dates: Leah will be hosting “auditions” (they’re really not auctions in the sense that no one gets “cut” and everyone makes the team) during 2nd service on Sunday September 21st (Please note the date change from what was announced this Sunday in class. Leah had a scheduling conflict arise). For Parents, after 2nd service we will host a Praise Band Planning meeting, which we will cater, where we ask that each student interested in playing in praise band, along with at least one parent attend. At this meeting, we hope to lay out some expectations, and plan the entire semester for praise band. That’s right, we’re upping the ante on organization this year, so bring your calendars and help us, and Leah, make this the best semester of Praise Band ever!

Back to School Bash and Summer Review

2014-06-30 14.48.15Parents,

This Wednesday evening is our annual Back to School Bash in the Great Hall. We will serve dinner, $5 for adults and $3 for 12&under, beginning at 5:30. The Back to School Bash is where to go to get all the info for the coming school year.

Summer Review
This year, we’re also combing the Back to School Bash with a review of everything that went on this summer. Students will be sharing about their various mission trip experiences and we will also show student made videos from the Nicaragua trip and Camp. Feel free to invite others who would like to hear about all that God was doing in and through WoodmontYG this summer.

Bowling with Interns Tonight

Hey Guys! Tonight is bowling night with the interns! Dress up crazy or however you would like! Meet at Steak n’ Shake at 5:00 if you would like to grab some food and milkshakes before bowling! Steak n’ Shake address: 4040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin, TN 37067. We’ll be able to take people from Steak n’ Shake to Franklin Lanes if you need a ride. Bowling at Franklin Lanes will be from 6:30-8:30 pm. Please plan to be picked up by 8:30! Bring about $10 for bowling and a little extra money for food. Franklin Lanes address: 1200 Lakeview Dr, Franklin, TN 37067. We hope to see everyone there!

Please contact one of the interns if you have any questions.

Fall Retreat Date!!

Mark your calendars! Our annual fall retreat will take place November 14-16 at Camp Valley View.

Nicaragua Recap

I asked Canaan Gwin to recap our trip. I’ll let you read and decide for yourself, but, as one who was there, I think she captured the week perfectly. 

“How does one sum up seven extraordinary days that transformed the hearts and minds of 13 everyday, ordinary teenagers? A good place to start would be Thursday, July 3rd, when, at 4:00 am, 21 of us dragged our sleepy little heads and anxious parents to the Nashville Airport. Who knew that 4:00 am would mark the time when a person’s life would be forever changed? It was 4:00 am when I said goodbye to my family, opened up my passport, boarded a plane, prayed for safety and began a life changing experience in an underprivileged developing country. It was 4:00 am was when I said goodbye to treated water, the comforts of my house, Sonic, and electronic devices. Hola was waiting for me nearly 1,800 miles away.

Our mission was to bless a people who “had nothing.” It’s funny how God has a way of showing up with His own set of plans. Who knew we would be so amazingly blessed as we mixed concrete, painted a church and created shelter for people who spoke an entirely different language. Language, culture, money and lifestyle don’t matter when you share a common faith. I’ve never seen God and all of His fingerprints so clearly in one setting. Those fingerprints reached into our hearts and created beautiful memories, lasting friendships, and unexpected love.  

Goodbye was the hardest part. To know that we will meet again either on earth or in Heaven is a mission I am counting on. The Nicaragua trip was the best week of my life. God is so good.

Con mucho amor,

Canaan Gwin

Important Camp Info!


  • Camp Telos drop off is Sunday July 20th at 1:00pm.
    • There will not be a bus leaving from church this year. Carpool if necessary.
    • Students should not drive themselves. There is not enough parking at camp to accommodate that many vehicles.
  • Wednesday night worship begins at 7:15pm. All are welcome to come worship with us!
  • Pick up is Friday, July 25th between 11am & noon.

Follow these directions to get to camp. GPS will not work.

What to Bring? (Please put the students name on everything including luggage!)

  • Pillow, Bedding, and/or sleeping bag
  • Towels for Showers
  • Towels for Water Activities
  • Personal Toiletry Items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc…)
  • Flashlight
  • Modest Clothing
  • Bible
  • Pen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Screen
  • Light Jacket/Long Pants (in case it gets cold)
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Clothes you can get dirty
  • Trashbag for dirty clothes
  • Water bottle
  • Swim Suit (One-piece for girls with no spaghetti straps or halter tops, modest trunks for boys)

Do not bring...

  • Cell Phones
  • Fans (Cabins are air conditioned)
  • Snacks (Snacks and Canteen will be available. Snacks are not allowed in the cabin area)
  • Tobacco, drugs, weapons, inappropriate clothes, etc.

Nicaragua Day 6

July 8, 2014

Today was an eventful day; we started our voyage after a good filling breakfast and a spot of coffee, we headed over to Juan and Maria’s home near the church in El Viejo. Juan helped us out with construction at the church and couldn’t wait to give us a tour of his place! Juan’s wife, Maria, has many health and breathing problems, so when we came to visit them Valentine brought a doctor to see Maria and write a prescription for her. After a while of comforting hand holding and relaxed back rubs, Maria thanked us for our visit and blessed our love for Christ.

Before lunch we decided to visit the local market in Nicaragua where, of course, we all bought little mementoes to remember our trip. Following a filling and tiring meal at Rosti Pollo again, with a valiant effort from both gringos and Nicaraguans, we played an intense game of soccer at a football field near the church were heat strokes were closing in and booboo knees were had. After our “fun” we then headed over to Valentine’s freshly painted and glowing church and had a Tuesday afternoon worship service. After wonderful singing and praise, we went over to their well and watched David baptize George Chunn! By the time we finished hugging our new brother in Christ, it was time to say our goodbyes.  Mrs. Flores made a heart warming speech that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. They were so appreciative of our help and kindness to them and their church, which made it so hard to say Goodbye.

Coming back to Los Volcanos after such a hot and sticky day was amazing, especially due to a “swim party” in the pool that was happy to add Erick and Misael (Valentine’s eldest sons) along side of every student who came on the trip. After eating a dinner of champions, we had our last devo of the week! The question of the day was about your high and low of the day. Most people said their low was saying goodbye and their high was worshipping together. As soon as devo was over, we played the world’s greatest game…mafia!! A murderous night full of slaying, screams of frustration, and revenge was the perfect way to end the best week of some of our lives!

Peace and Grace
Lilli and Canaan

Nicaragua Day 5

Nicaraguan Update Day 5 in the Form of a Poem!!!! 

By: Kendall Swag Beast Osman


To start the day, we, once again, woke up at the crack of dawn. 

Thankfully, for breakfast we did not have flan. 

Headed to Valentine’s church to paint

And the heat caused a couple of our group members to become faint.

The majority of the pastel pink paint ended up on each other.

However, that made quite a few annoyed, including my mother. 

The entire day was spent creating a masterpiece of the church and putting on the roof. 

Our hard work showed people Jesus’ love; each person transformed into living proof.


The painting was accompanied by joyous singing. 

Even though it sometimes brought with it a horrible ear ringing. 

Many relationships continued to be strengthened and created,

and an awesome person’s life, Emma Lawson’s (18 woot woot!!), was celebrated. 


At night, a delicioso dinner was eaten and our 28th gallon of rice was pounded. 

Just as we finished, I leaned on a fake wall, which fell and broke, and for that I was hounded. 

Devo began and we talked about where we saw Jesus and what we learned about ourselves. 

Some even said that they learned that they can now easily come out of their shells. 

Following that, intense games of mafia were played

and regretfully, multiple people were slayed. 

Now I’m here, writing this poem. 

Everyone said I couldn’t do it, but I definitely showed ‘em. 


Intern Activities for the Week


band back togetherHey everybody! Now that everyone has had a chance to get some rest from mission trips and camps, we want to get the band back together!

Tuesday: First things first, meet at the church at 1 o’clock sharp (or whenever) for some pretty rad games. Then at 3 o’clock Emma and I will be hosting an ode to soccer, final four watching of the world cup for anyone that is not still bitter about last week’s loss…

Wednesday Night: See you at the pillars at 6:30!

Thursday: Meet at the church at 5 o’clock for din-din. Then we will begin our video scavenger hunt!!! Come thirsty for a wicked time :)

If you have any questions concerning the week text or call one of the interns!

- Trey Clark

Nicaragua Day 4

Nicaragua is amazing. That’s the whole situation in a nutshell. However, to go into a detail we, Jeffrey Gage and George Chunn, are going to tell you, with bullet points, what happened this fine Sunday in Chinandega.

Woke up

Ate breakfast, gallo pinto and eggs; Moises, the pastor from Honduras, ordered a coconut gathered straight from the tree in front of the hotel and gave it to me. (Jeffrey)

Went to church; We saw the little newly painted (azul celeste) church in the distance. The congregation was clapping as we showed up and was very gracious. They accepted us immediately, and it meant a lot. We sang in both languages and the energy flowed from that little church. Moises preached, and every couple of minutes he would switch the language he spoke with so that we all could hear and understand the message.

There was one girl who was baptized that morning. While the Nicaraguans were singing, I (George) could not understand the lyrics, but that didn’t limit me from feeling God’s presence take charge of the church. 

Ate lunch at a place called Rostipollo (the name sort of means “roast chicken”)

Went to a place called Campesano to swim; there were little fish in the water with us.

Back to the hotel
Wrote this update

And that’s about it, folks.


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