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Holiday Class/Event Schedule


  • Sun. November 22nd – Y.E.S. Change Drive begins (through Dec. 6th)
  • Tues. November 24th – Thanksgiving Service (Great Hall)
  • Wed. November 25th – No classes
  • Sun. November 29th – No classes
  • Fri. December 11th – Y.E.S. Shopping and YG Christmas Party
  • Sun. December 13th – Christmas Festival (4-7pm)
  • Wed. December 23rd – No classes
  • Sun. December 27th – No classes
  • Wed. December 30th – No classes

Y.E.S. Change Drive Starts Sunday

YES Christmas Store
Our annual change drive for the Y.E.S. Christmas Store begins this Sunday and will run through Dec. 6th.

You will find a donation box in the lobby the next three Sundays where you can make a change, cash, or check donation that our youth group will use to shop for items to donate the Y.E.S. Christmas Store.

The Christmas Store provides free clothing, personal items, and toys to families who participate in the Y.E.S. program every December. We’re honored to play a part in this wonderful gift once again this year with your help! Thank you for your participation and generosity!

Mike Mitchell’s Video

Telling Mike Stories


This Sunday at 5:00 we’re going to order pizza and open up the youth room for anyone who wants to just come and tell Mike Mitchell stories. We may laugh so hard it hurts, we may cry, all of thats ok. Mostly, it will just be a safe place to remember the young man who made such a difference in all our lives. Invite whomever you think might benefit. This Sunday at 5:00 PM in the youth room at Woodmont Hills.

Fall Retreat Video

If you’re like me, sad about Mike, watching a video of his best friend in the world dance with a broom might remind you of a couple of things. Here’s what it reminds me of; 1) Biggie’s the funniest person in the world 2) Biggie might be the smoothest person in the world too 3) Mike had great friends who loved him well 4) Mike changed us all 5) Maybe by being kind, present, and open, maybe by just being the best version of ourselves, our lives can have a similar impact 5) WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

6th Grade Girls’ Promise Class 2016

Dear Parents of 6th Grade Young Ladies,

Starting Sunday, January 10th at 9:00 in the West Wing, the Middle School Ministry will be offering a special class experience for our young ladies entitled, “Promise”. Leading our discussion will be Shelley Nance, Nancy Osman, Jenni Bowlin, and a few other guests.  Our 6th grade LifeGuards will continue be a part of this class time as well.

Why “Promise”? 

We want to provide a class time for our girls to share and to discuss the awesome privilege it is to be a young woman of faith, integrity, purity and servant leadership.  We want to provide an environment that will create a passion for God’s best in their lives.  The curriculum materials used to facilitate our conversations are by Youth Specialties and author Jen Rawson.

Parent Offerings

This year, in addition to classes with the girls, we would like to offer a few classes especially for parents covering important topics in adolescence. A schedule of these classes will be provided at a later date.


Parents, you will be invited to attend and participate in the special closing ceremony of your daughter’s “Promise” experience.  We will send an invitation at the appropriate time.

Parents, we want to partner with you as you nurture the spiritual walk of your children.  We consider it an honor to be on this journey with you.

Peace and Grace,

Jesse Baker
Middle School Minister
Woodmont Hills Church

Woodmont Hills Girls’ Basketball Schedule

League Website





Saturday, November 14th

11:00 am     

Otter Creek Church of Christ


Saturday, November 21st

11:00 am

Tusculum Church of Christ


Monday, December 7th

6:30 pm

Tusculum Church of Christ

Brentwood Hills 1

Saturday, December 12th

3:00 pm

Otter Creek Church of Christ

Brentwood Hills 2

Saturday, December 19th

10:00 am

Tusculum Church of Christ


Saturday, January 2nd

10:00 am

Otter Creek Church of Christ

Harpeth Hills

Saturday, January 9th

4:00 pm

Otter Creek Church of Christ


Monday, January 11th

7:30 pm

Tusculum Church of Christ

Crieve Hall

Saturday, January 23rd

10:00 am

Tusculum Church of Christ

Otter Creek

Saturday, January 30th

9:00 am

Otter Creek Church of Christ


CORRECTION: Middle Schoolers Will Not Be Sorting Bags Sunday

My apologies! The Middle School Ministry will not be sorting bags this Harvest Sunday. A team from the Caring Ministry will be helping instead. Sorry for the any confusion, and we hope you will all be able to attend and bring groceries for families in our community!

Harvest Sunday

This upcoming Sunday (11/15) is Harvest Sunday. For those planning to bring groceries, here is the menu:

Harvest Sunday Menu

(This is a standardized menu-please do NOT add to/take from this list) 

One complete menu per bag-it will be full!

2 small boxes of bread mix (rolls/biscuit/cornbread; NOT the large Bisquik)

1 box of dressing or stuffing

1 can of chicken broth (14-15 oz)

1 large can (28-38 oz) of green beans or 2 small

2 cans of corn, any style

1 box of potato mix, any style

2 boxes of macaroni and cheese

1 box of jell-o

1 can of fruit

1 can of cranberry sauce (optional)

1 container of POWDERED, pre-sweetened drink or tea mix

1 box of brownie or dessert mix (+ icing if needed)


Groceries should be DOUBLE BAGGED in PAPER (all in 1 bag) OR placed in 1 reusable CLOTH bag.

Fall Retreat


Fall Retreat is this weekend! We are so excited to spend these few days in community together as we study Romans 8:18-25. Our buses will leave Woodmont on Friday at 7PM. (Remember if you are meeting us at camp your PARENT needs to drop you off) Come a few minutes early to load up and make sure you eat dinner before you come! Bring comfortable clothing, warm layers, rain wear, bedding (twin)/sleeping bag, Bible, notebook, and a pen. We will return mid-morning on Sunday. Make sure that we have your Medical Release Form on file. If you need to fill one out, you can find it HERE

 We encourage you to spend some time reading Romans:18-25 before the retreat to prepare your hearts for what God has in store for this weekend! See you Friday!


LEAVE: Friday (11/6) from Woodmont 7PM (eat dinner before)

DO: Medical Release form HERE

BRING: Warm, comfortable clothing, twin bedding, rain wear, Bible, notebook, and a pen

RETURN: Before noon on Sunday (11/8)

Final Sunday of Church League Football


This is going to be a long post because there are a lot of details. I’m going to try to break it down by team so if you’d just like to skip to the team you care about you won’t have to read all the information.

Girls Squad

Based on our record we’re in tier 2 of the playoffs. Other teams in our tier are BHCC Tom’s Team and Team Creek. We will play in a 3 team round robin for the winner of tier 2.

Game 1: 12:15 vs. Tom’s Team on Field 4

Game 2: 1:15 vs. Team Creek on Field 4

Tom’s Team and Team Creek will then play on field 2 at 2:15. Whoever has the best record after those 3 games wins.

Middle School Guys

This league is entering a single elimination playoff between 4 teams. If we win, we’ll move on to the championship. I’ll put the first guaranteed game in bold and if we win the championship game in italics.

Game 1: 1:15 vs Paul’s Pack on field 2.

We enter as the #4 seed and will play the #1 Seed first. If we lose we’re out, if we win we’ll play…

Game 2: 7:00 PM at Lipscomb University against the winner of the #2 vs. #3

High School Guys

We are not only entering a single elimination tournament but also have to finish a regular season game this Sunday that is critical for seeding. We are currently tied with Jackson Street at 4-1 for the #1 Seed but they own the tiebreaker because they beat us.

We are guaranteed 2 games this Sunday. The first will be our final regular season game, and we want to win it.

Game 1: 12:15 vs. Harpeth Hils on field 3

Everything after this gets a little complicated but I’ll try to make it as easy as possible. Stay with me till the end.

Scenario 1: Jackson Street wins and we win. – we will enter the playoffs as a #2 seed and play the winner of the #3 (Up the Creek) vs #6 (Harpeth Hills or Hillsboro) at 3:15 on field 3

Scenario 2: Jackson Street loses and so do we. – Same as scenario 1, we enter playoffs as #2 and play at 3:15

Scenario 3: Jackson Street loses and we win. – We enter playoffs as #1 seed and we will play the winner of #4 (BHCC) vs #5 (Hillsboro) at 8:00 PM at Lipscomb University 

—– If we win our Semi-final game we will be in the Championship Game—–

Championship Game 9:00 PM at Lipscomb 

Wednesday Night Live!

Join us tonight for a joint worship and class time between the student and children’s ministries we’re calling Wednesday Night Live.

Teens should meet in Adventure Zone at 6pm to get their volunteer assignments for the evening.

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