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Fall Retreat is Gonna be HUGE

We are SO pumped about the Fall Retreat this weekend, and we are blown away by how many of you have signed up to be a part of it! Due to the overwhelming response, we will not be able to take any further applications.

We’d also like to remind you to bring some warm clothes! It’s gonna be a chilly weekend!

If you have any questions about the retreat, feel free to let us know!

Middle School Service Opportunity: Harvest Sunday 2014

harvest sundayOur 6th-8th grade students have the distinct honor of helping with Harvest Sunday each year by sorting the donations we receive before they are distributed to our neighbors.

After 2nd Service this Sunday, November 16th, please plan for all middle school students to stay until about 1:30pm (depending on the number of bags, and how quickly we work). Pizza will be provided, free of charge.

Parents are welcome to stick around and help, or enjoy a nice lunch before returning to pick up.

Fall Retreat Deadline

We have now passed the extended deadline to sign up for the Fall Retreat, but we’d love for everyone to have the chance to come. Please let us know if you still plan to attend but have not turned in a form!

Flag Football

Here are the times for the final games.

Also, don’t forget we are tailgating at the park beginning around 12:00 at the picnic shelter.

Girls – 1:00 vs. Harpeth Hills
Jr. Guys – 1:00 vs. Otter Creek Carny (Don, unfortunately will be out of town with work so the one, the only Jesse “Bear” Baker will be coaching your last game.
Sr. Guys – 3:00 championship game against Otter Creek

Flag Football Post-Season Tailgate!

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Join us this Sunday at noon at the pavilion in Green Hills Park (behind JT Moore) for a “tailgate” before our flag football teams play. Then stick around to support our gridiron heroes!

Bring you own lunch and/or food and drink to share if you’d like!

Remaining Football Schedule

Alright folks there’s just two weeks left. The final two weeks will be like a post season (sort of) and, unless something changes, here’s the schedule.

Girls: We’ve been placed in a group of three other teams with similar records to ours (Harpeth Hills, Hillsboro and Woodson).
Sunday 10/26 3:00 vs. Hillsboro on Field 1
Sunday 11/2 – If we win (which we will) on the 26th will play at 1:00 on field 1 vs. the other winner – if we lose on the 26th (which we won’t!) we’ll play at 12:00 on field 1 vs. the other team that lost from the week before
Jr. High Guys: You have also been placed in a pool of teams with similar records. If we win out we would end the season in 4th place.
Sunday 10/26 4:00 vs Woodson
Sunday 11/2 – If we win (which we will!) we will play at 2:00 – If we lose (which we won’t!) we will play at 1:00 both on field 2.
Sr. High Guys: We are in a pool with other teams of similar records and we have a chance to win league this year
Sunday 10/26 – 12:00 vs. Granny White (please note the early time)
Sunday 11/2 – If we win we’ll be in the championship game against either Woodson or Otter Creek at 3:00 and if we lose we’ll play either Woodson or Otter Creek at 2:00

Jump Sky High Party


This Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 the High School Ministry will be having a great time at Jump Sky High which is an indoor trampoline gym that’s a lot of fun. Because they won the Trunk-or-Treat contest the 9th grade will get in free and everyone else should bring $20 for two hours of jumping. Also, and this is very important  you must have a parent complete this waiver before you come or they will not let you jump!

Just to be clear, everyone in the high school ministry is invited, the 9th grade will get in free, everyone else bring $20 and EVERYONE MUST SIGN THIS WAVIER.

Combined 6-12th Youth Class this Sunday

All 6-12th grade students will be gathering downstairs in the East Hall youth area at 9am for a combined worship and class time with Terry Smith this Sunday, Oct. 26th.

Lifeguards who will be attending Fall Retreat will meet in The Bridge (room 206 in the West Hall) at 9am for a meeting about Fall Retreat plans and responsibilities.

See you all Sunday!

Middle School Dinner Tonight: Wendy’s @ 5:30

Hey Middle Schoolers and Middle School Families! Let’s get dinner tonight!

Meet me at the Wendy’s on Thompson Ln. tonight at 5:30 to grab dinner before heading over to church for an awesome night of games, discussion, and card-making for some of the members of our family who often get ignored or forgotten (Read more about our Wednesday night experiments here).

Love you all and I hope you’re able to make it! If you’re lucky, you might just get a free Frosty out of me :)

- Jesse

Wednesday Night the 22nd


We’ve been calling Wednesday nights “Experiments in Following The Way of Jesus.” Experiments are great because the goal is not perfection but learning and you can learn a lot from falling short. While our first experiment (hosting our new friends from the Islamic Center of Nashville) was a huge success, well… let’s just say we’ve learned a lot from the second one. No one ever said trying to follow Jesus’ was going to be obvious or easy (actually, I have heard people say that, it’s just never been easy or obvious for me).

After reading Mark 3:1-6, our idea was to take part in the healing of those we often overlook and we chose to see if there were any Woodmont members who have a difficulty getting to church that would like some students to visit them. We (read, Sue Mullican) rented vans and called quite a few people and it just wasn’t working for them. One was having medical procedures, another didn’t have time to get their house ready, others didn’t know if the people taking care of them would be able to move their schedule, and some just didn’t want it. However, one thing God has taught me while working with teenagers is, sometimes the ones who seem most opposed to friendship are the ones who long for it most and its best to find creative ways to show them you really do see them.

That’s what we’re going to do tomorrow night. We’re going to find creative ways to show them we know about them, we’re here for them and we want to be like the Jesus who sees them. Ok, we’re going to write them cards, and it won’t be as “wow” as hosting Muslims but it isn’t about the “wow.” It’s about learning how to live like Jesus.

Flag Football Games for 10-12-14

HS Guys 2:00 vs. Y.E.S. – Field 3

Girls 3:00 vs. Harpeth Hills – Field 1

Jr High Guys 4:00 vs. Woodson Chapel – Field 2

Albany Team Reunion & Interest Meeting with Todd and LaDonna!

Our dear friends Todd and LaDonna Urick (Leaders at Mission: Change) are in town from Albany, GA!

If you have ever been a part of our Albany mission trip or you are a family with a 7th or 8th grade student who is interested in going to Albany this summer, please join us THIS Wednesday (Oct. 8th) at 5:30 in the youth area.

This will be informal, but we’d love to show the Uricks the same kind of hospitality they have shown us. So, please make an effort to come if at all possible!

Pizza and drinks will be provided.

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